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Are you desiring clarity?


It’s always way more fun figuring out stuff with someone who can cheerlead you along the way and be there asking the clarifying (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions.


I find that anyway, how about you?

Have you experienced it and love it?

Or maybe you’re craving that support?

I’ve been helping people get clear for as long as I can remember. 


I love it!


And I love having people to do that for me too. To have a neutral, non-judgemental person whose company you enjoy, to walk alongside you, is the first big step.

I’ll listen, ask questions and guide you as you tap into all the answers that are already within you (I know that sometimes feels hard to believe or imagine, but it’s true)!


Isn’t that exciting? It’s really simply about brushing away the shoulds, coulds, musts, fears, swirling thoughts and other debris that’s hiding the clarity already within you.


You may already know exactly what you want to focus on, or you may enjoy some inspiration from one of the areas below:

 a space

  • kitchen cupboard

  • bedroom

  • clothes


 what next...

  • in my relationship

  • my job

  • my dreams

  • where to spend my energy with my work or health


 navigating relationships...

  • this is what happened, now how do I desire to move through it?

  • what wisdom do I want to take away from this?

  • how do I make it really clear what I need to say?


 in your body...

  • I want to feel a certain way! Okay, let’s dive in and see what you desire – why and what it is you’re really after

  • wouldn’t it be awesome to start a wellness programme, for example, knowing what you’re longing to feel rather than achieve?



  • what is that even to you?

  • how amazing would it be to clear on what that felt and looked like to you – not anyone else?


 personal development/internal journey

  • how can I be a more aligned friend or support person to myself?

  • I’m so tired of the negative meanie on my shoulder, what could I do that would shift this relationship?

  • what is it that might bring more calm in my days and my life?

  • I really don’t trust myself and it’s getting in the way…

or something else...

Let's chat! Book below for a 30 minute call.

Click the picture above or this link to take the fun quiz to find out which inner critics are the most prominent for you at the moment and some quick and easy tools to quiet her 

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