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You would love to do life feeling nourished, replenished and with a sense of balance.

You long to be seen and understood for who you really are, safe to express yourself and shine your unique light.

You crave feeling more confident, healthier and at home in your own skin.

But you have no idea where to begin…

Because right now you’re exhausted, life’s out of balance and the world feels heavy on your shoulders. The reality of your headspace is a whirlwind of over-analysis, self-judgment, and a sense of failure you don’t know how to shake.

I’m Kali, your empowerment and self-love guide.

I thrive on helping women, just like you, untangle what’s driving this feeling of low-self worth, uncertainty and over-analysis…and emerge on the other side ready to shine your beautifully unique light, guided by your inner wisdom.

I guide you to:

  • Get past the idea that life happens to you, to a place where life happens for you.

  • Increase your confidence, decision-making skills, and trust in your gut.

  • Learn simple, yet powerful tools to nourish your heart, body, and soul on a daily basis.

  • Say goodbye to the constant stream of judgment dumped on you by your inner meanie.

  • Look in the mirror and feel a deep sense of gratitude and acknowledgment for the amazing human staring back at you!

I believe it’s 100% possible and necessary to do life as your own best friend.

When you make the relationship with yourself a priority, you’ll make more empowering choices, take responsibility for your life and feel supported to follow your dreams and express yourself more fully in the world.

Put simply: I guide you along your journey of discovering how to love yourself more.

Why do I do it?

Because years ago, I was a version of you. Deep down I knew that I was worthy, that my body was amazing, and that I could do life on my terms without having to fit into any specific rules.


But I had no idea what that looked like…

…felt like…
…or sounded like.

For sure I knew it didn’t sound like the barrage of meanness that spewed forth from my inner meanie every time I looked in the mirror, or compared my ‘progress’ in life to someone else’s.

Years ago I was Kali, the invincible superwoman at university, studying to get a BA in English and Social Anthropology, who mistakenly thought that success meant getting top grades, eating the ‘perfect’ diet of steamed vegies and boiled eggs for dinner, walking 5km a day and showing the world a more held-together version of me.

I was the young woman who came into lectures smiling and laughing, chatting to lecturers, reading all the books, and easily making ‘light’ friends.

I was also the young woman whose gut was screaming out for less stress, who looked like I had my shit together, when it was absolutely (literally and figuratively) falling apart, and had no idea how to have true, belly-laughing fun without needing a reason (picture Crohn’s diagnosis at 21).

Then one day I learned that:


  1. following the health rules doesn’t = healthy.

  2. it didn’t matter what I changed in my body, if I didn’t change the status quo in my head, nothing would ever really change.

I also learned that becoming your own best friend is honestly the only option for a life of real, moment to moment freedom.

Freedom from the shoulds, the comparisons, the whip that I held to my back for years.

And so I stopped desperately looking for things simply to ‘fix’ my body. I made a commitment to start loving on my body instead of motivating it through pressure and fear.

I chose to dedicate myself to a journey of discovering how to unravel the tangle of crazy in my head.

I listened to speakers on self-love, visited traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and learned about that ancient wisdom. I read about Ayurveda. Hay House Summits opened up my world to some incredible people. I did my Level 2 training as an EFT coach and became fascinated by all things brain science and the power that we hold. I dived into a year of full-time study with the Queen of Self Love, Christine Arylo. And I immersed myself in further training on how to hold space for others through Sistership Circle.

I learned that loving yourself isn’t simply about being OK with what you see in the mirror; it’s about how you speak to yourself on a daily basis, how you start your day, how you make decisions, where you draw your boundaries…

I discovered that becoming your own best friend, and living life on your terms is the most freeing journey you’ll ever take.

Now I show other incredible women how to do their own version of journey discovery.

I guide people like you to have a relationship with yourself (and others) that you only dreamed was possible.

I empower you to quit giving your power away to your inner meanies (fear), and to follow your inner wisdom, which = a life with more connection, courage and freedom.

When you work with me:


  • from our first time together, you’ll feel comfortable being all of you every time that we meet. I’m done with pretending, so you’re safe to be the real you around me!

  • you’ll experience a balance of laughter and lightness, with deep diving into what’s ripe and ready to shift in your life.

  • you can be certain I’ll be jumping up and down, air high-fiving and possibly swearing with excitement when we celebrate your wins, big and small.

Is a self love discovery journey for you?

Would you love to hear more about how we can work together?

Let’s catch up for a 30 minute free call.

(simply click the calendar below)

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