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All these expectations

Expectations and the pressure…

This morning I heard about a young woman, 36, who took her life last week. She’s well known in her field, and by society’s accounts was doing very well for herself.

However, underneath the surface there was obviously a different story running for her that didn’t feel acceptable in our society. Thinking about it makes me want to shout out to all the others left behind:

“It doesn’t have to be like that! You don’t have to be perfect! You don’t have to be famous! You can be average. You can work a ‘lowly’ job and not earn enough to own your own home, and that’s OK. You can have skeletons in the closet and still be lovable.”


“You can be famous and you can be a millionaire. You can have the most prestigious job and the flashest house in town.”

What’s the difference?

The difference between whether you’re a tramp and content, or a millionaire and content, is your expectations. What expectations do you have of yourself? Are they always higher than you can reach? Do you always expect more from yourself than you can ever give? When you do something well do you stop and congratulate yourself on a job well done before you move to the next project, or do you immediately start looking at what next and what you’re not doing well enough? Are you enough in your eyes? Are you worthy in your eyes?

I believe you have to be at peace with yourself. Not all the time, of course. We’re human and that brings with it ups and downs. But in general are you peaceful with your way in the world?

If you have expectations that are always out of alignment with your reality you are draining away your life force and your will to be vibrantly here in this world. Now. In this moment that we are gifted.

Please, lower your expectations of yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You are a being of this world and you deserve love and you deserve kindness. Start now by giving yourself some love in whatever way you can, in whatever way makes you feel acknowledged by you. Expect love from yourself first and foremost, and make that a priority in your life.

For some inspiration to make the most of this moment, enjoy this 5 minute clip A Good Day – by a Benedict Monk.


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