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Artist Residency in Healing

The beginning of an artist residency in healing…

After reading about the artist residency in motherhood I felt inspired to explore some options for myself. What do you do when you would love to go and get creative in an inspirational space just for artists, but you’re stuck at home? In my case on a healing journey, house bound by health circumstances. Day in and day out.

Well, it turns out you change the way you’re looking at things. You change that lense and begin observing life through an artist lense, just as you would an artist in residence. You provide an outlet for those creative juices that have been feeling stifled and cooped up. A dream is to one day go on a residence and write, looking at at lavender fields, smelling roses, hearing bicycles tinkle down cobbled pathways. Actually my dream is just to write more. But since it’s tricky sitting with a fistula, and lying on my tummy writing has a short life span, I don’t write as much. It’s not an excuse, it’s simply a fact.

I also love playing with my camera, so camera it is for now…


Today’s view from a prostrate healing position – on my deck on the first day of Spring under our outside table.


Admiring the scattered patterns of lichen underneath the table slats.

I’m in what some may call a flare up. My gut is struggling to process much and with it goes my energy and strength to do anything at all really. I’m drinking probiotics, swallowing turmeric, eating fermented goodies, dropping big pink drops of B12 under my tongue, Vitamin D, talking lovingly to my body, massaging acupressure points…and on it goes…it’s a slow process this one. My fistula thinks it’s all too much, but we’re working out ways to ease the journey.

I am lucky. Today is a gloriously sunny day and it almost feels like summer isn’t far away. That perks up my spirits and I’m sure sends more healing energy through my body.

So, top of my gratitude list for today is:

  1. Delicious warm sun on my bare legs and blue sky all above me!


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