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Recovering Wholeness or Uncovering Wholeness?

Reflecting on the layers of self I’m uncovering as I journey along this path of self-discovery, I wonder:

Are we recovering wholeness? Or are we uncovering wholeness? Or is it something else?

I think of the famous quote by Michelangelo:


I really believe that we are like that piece of marble, and that we are like a sculptor too. And at some point we see that angel (ourselves as whole), and we set about gently and compassionately carving to set her/him free.

Our wholeness is always there.

We are always whole. It’s just that sometimes there is so much accumulated rubble all around us that we struggle to realise or feel this wholeness. The way I see it is that at some point/s in life we begin picking at the layers, piece by piece, slowly digging deeper to reveal that wholeness that has been waiting for us our whole lives.

Is it uncovering or is it recovering wholeness? Really this is just semantics. But it did get me thinking about the process and the name I have given this space.

I’m currently training to be a self-love guide with Christine Arylo, and as part of our learnings we practice each tool we acquire with ourselves and each other. Therefore we are constantly digging a little deeper and throwing off another wee layer we may not have even known was there.

With each tiny piece of debris that gets removed or layer that is peeled back I feel more lightness. Deeper connection.

In this space I become more and more aware of my wholeness. It is a beautiful space I aim to hold and honour. Do we ever get to the bottom and have completely uncovered or recovered our wholeness? Or is a better question: do we feel our wholeness more strongly?

Right now in my life, I feel that as humans, living in this world, and fully committed to life, life happens. And so, at some points we feel very connected to our wholeness and aware of it, and at other times maybe it feels a little hidden under debris. I see it as a connection. Sometimes our connection to our wholeness is strong and at other times it feels further away, but always it is there.

Coming back to semantics, maybe it is recovering wholeness. Maybe as humans we are in a dance of recovering our connection to wholeness…sometimes waltzing with her, sometimes solo dancing and at other times tangibly connected at the hip in a sensual bachata.

What do you think?

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