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Showing kindness to your body…


I recently listened to Ahlea Khadro’s interview with Jessica Ortner on the Hay House World Summit 2015, called Befriend Your Symptoms: a Path to Radical Health and Happiness. 

It’s the first time I’ve heard about her, but she sounds wonderful! Basically what I took out of it is the importance and the value in showing kindness to your body. This ties in perfectly with where I am at on my journey at the moment because I recently started talking to my body! (Thanks to suggestions from a healing practitioner).

It’s so easy when our bodies hurt or play up – menstrual cramps, sore achy knee, crook gut, cold, allergies etc – to feel frustrated and annoyed with that part of our body, or to simply pop a pill that removes the niggle. So easy…I know the frustration well. Maybe we could take these niggles as an opportunity to actually listen to our body and offer it some love and kindness instead? Ahlea believes that in the same way that we feel frustrated, scared and annoyed about various body problems, our body/organs might be feeling the same, and by giving them the opportunity to be heard we can relieve a lot of physical stress and discomfort.

One of the interesting parts of this talk for me was her touching on auto-immune diseases, which Crohn’s is for those who don’t know. Just a few days ago, when I was writing about my tendency to beat myself up, I thought ‘Hang on – if I’m beating myself up mentally, then surely my body is mirroring this and beating itself up!’ Light bulb moment 😉 As you may or may not know, an auto-immune condition is when the body pretty much turns on itself.


So if my mind turns on itself and on my body, then it makes sense that my body is going to follow suit! I have also met other people who have Crohn’s and they are usually very hard on themselves…interesting thought!

Following on from that to a state of kindness…when talking about mirror work and the idea of being kind to yourself in the mirror, Jessica told about her sister-in-law who created a fun enticing mirror with her daughter that hangs in her bedroom. Every time she leaves her room she says something nice to herself in the mirror! Yes please! Isn’t that the most beautiful thing to instil in a young being? I am so going to adopt that idea for myself (never too late to start something new right?)!

Happy body to you 🙂


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