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You are The One

You are the one you’ve been looking for. You are the one who is there for you in your darkest hour. You are the one who is there to celebrate all the joyous moments. You may think you have found ‘the one’, or be looking for ‘the one’. You may have left ‘the one’, or lost ‘the one’.

Yet, as you turn your gaze from out there and look a little closer, your eyes will fall on the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The one who knows you more than anyone else. No more searching and seeking outside of yourself, let yourself remember.

The person who will be with you through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and right up until your very last breath here on Earth is already in your life. They’ve always been there.

Breathe deeply and feel their presence, Feel their heart beating and their soul speaking to you. Oh, and listen. Create the space for quiet and listen not to the voice of your inner critics you hear so often, but to that loving gentle voice of ‘the one’ inside.

You sweet soul, are found. Let yourself come home to you.

You are the one!

(Written in August 2017, as I completed the module in Self Love and Relationships)


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